The Mission Board

The point of this blog is to give people a place to look when they want to start a thread, but simply don't know what to do.

The blog started with a focus on Mass Effect, but will be gradually expanded as more fandoms occur to me or are submitted. Many (if not all) of these ideas can apply to any setting or universe, those that I think will will be tagged "universal"

If you have an idea for a mission or prompt or starter yourself, please submit them and they'll be added to the list.

We'll accept submission and ideas for every and any fandom. Do you want to see another fandom in the lis? Put it in my askbox and I'll try and put something together, or submit a mission for yourself.

Submissions! Submissions! Submission! There, I said it three times, now maybe hey'll show up in my askbox like Bloody Mary. Really, they would be incredibly helpful here. I am doing this all by my lonesome, and I'd hate to fun out of content by running myself ragged;
Some Other Resource Blogs

Acorn: What would your character do if they lived forever?

Azalea: Who does your character wish would take better care of themselves?

Bay leaf: What gives your character strength?

Briony: What’s one time your character has helped a friend?

Cattail: Is your character at peace with themself? Why or why not?

Cyclamen: Who is someone your character has had to say good-bye to?

Daffodil: Has your character ever had unrequited love for someone? Have they ever loved someone but held it in for any reason?

Daisy: Four things that make your character happy.

Edelweiss: Describe a time your character has had to be brave.

Eglantine: Has your character ever had a wound or pain that didn’t heal?

Fern: Does your character have any magical abilities?

Foxglove: Has your character ever lied about something?

Geranium: What’s one mistake your character remembers making?

Gladiolus: What’s one time your character has stuck to their morals and convictions?

Honeysuckle: Who does your character love like family?

Heather: Who is someone your character wants to protect?

Ivy: Has your character ever thought about getting married? Would they like it?

Iris: If your character could send one person a message, who and what would it be?

Jonquil: Has your character ever confessed their love for someone? How did it go?

Jasmine: Whats one thing your character wants?

Kennedia: One thing your character admires in someone.

Kalanchoe: Is your character well-liked by their friends?

Laurel: If your character could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Love-lies-bleeding: Has your character ever done something even though they didn’t want to?

Marigold: Describe a time or reason your character felt jealousy.

Moonflower: What’s one dream your character has had?

Nightshade: What is a painful truth your character has had to face?

Nettle: What’s one person your character hates/dislikes and why?

Oak leaves: Describe a victory your character is proud of.

Oleander: What’s one thing your character should beware of?

Pine: What is something your character wishes they could move on from?

Poppy: What is something your character wants to forget?

Queen Anne’s Lace: If your character could pretend one thing, what would it be?

Quince: One temptation your character has had.

Rosemary: What is something your character will always remember?

Pink Roses: Who is someone your character has wanted to make happy?

Red Roses: Who is someone your character has truly loved?

White/Red Rose: Who is someone your character has found themselves cooperating with when they didn’t expect it?

Sage: What is one thing they have learnt?

Snowdrop: Describe a time they felt hope.

Tulip: Has your character ever been in romantic love with someone? Are they still?

Thistle: What’s one time your character has been angry and harsh with someone?

Utricularia: Five things your character likes.

Umbrella sage: Where does your character consider home?

Purple Violet: Are there any topics your character dodges?

White Violet: When’s the last time your character told the truth about something?

Wallflower: What’s one time your character has endured underdifficult circumstances?

Water-lily: What’s one quote from your character?

Xeranthum: If your character died right now but could have one wish for the world come true, what would it be?

Xanthoriza: What’s something your character has run away from?

Yew: What makes your character sad?

Yarrow: What would your character go to war over?

Zinnia: Does your character ever miss their friends?

Pink Zinnia: Who will your character always be friends with?

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